Basketball Camp Shows
Two ball dribbling drills.  Spinning one and two balls.  Dribbling and passing games.  Eating a pudding while the ball spins on a spoon.  A camper spinning 5 basketballs at once! 
The Show:
Camper participation:
Motivational Message:
Learn to set goals to become the best basketball player you can be - "It All Starts With A Vision!"
Importance of ballhandling - 2 basketball dribbling  drills
Work Hard to accomplish your goals
Have Fun on the way
Never Give Up - Believe in Yourself
Have a Balanced Life - don't forget school
Make Good Decisions on and off the basketball court
An average basketball camp show is 45 min - 1 hour long. Fee: make an offer. Several shows at the same location will get a substantial discount.  Fee for presentations close to Enosburg Falls, VT substantially reduced - please ask and mention your budget. We can perform in a clean auditorium, gymnasium or multi-purpose room.  We can also perform on an indoor/outdoor carpet.  We can perfrom outside if necessary on a concrete or paved surface.
Please have a PA system/microphone available if possible.  We will also need a folding chair.
Format of the show - we perform tricks to a song, then talk about part of the motivational message, then perform to another song, talk some more, have volunteers come up, talk, perform to another song etc. 
If you have any questions, would like references, would like a copy of a show on a DVD, please contact us at or call 315-446-6393.
The Luneaus dribble, juggle and spin up to 6 basketballs on a balance board, and using other props to music and dance. 
Mission: To encourage campers to work hard to attain their basketball and life goals through the use of basketball entertainment and audience participation.
The Luneaus
"It All Starts With A Vision!"
How to teach a beginner how to dribble
Volunteer participation
DOWNLOAD  a Brochure 2012.doc
DOWNLOAD  a Brochure 2012.doc