Ilze will dribble, juggle and spin up to 6 basketballs on a balance board, and using other props to music and dance.
Half-time show is 4-15 min depending on your needs.  Can also perform during time-outs, at a pre-game show or post-game.
Can involve volunteers as well spinning 5-6 basketballs, eating pudding while the ball spins on a spoon etc.
Travel expenses include air fare, hotel and possible rental car (or you can provode local transportation).  Or IRS mileage rate (I drive up to  6 1/2 hour driving distance from Sheldon, VT). Travel from Burlington, VT airport.
Basketball Half-Time Shows
Mission: To entertain the audience with basketball tricks and provide a professional service to the client.
The Luneaus
"It All Starts With A Vision!"
Half-time show at Detroit Pistons game
Half-time show at WNBA game
Clip made America Got Talent youtube top 15 2010
"Show was terrific and you got the crowd quickly into your routine. Having one of our fans help you in the show was a great addition.  Thank-you for a great show!"

Louisville University Athetics, after Men's Basketball Game half-time show

Here is halftime video at Iowa State:
Ilze Luneau at Iowa State -