School Assemblies/ Summer Camps
Learn to Set Goals – “It All Starts With A Vision!”       
Work Hard to Achieve Your Goals                
Have Fun while Working Hard - keep a good attitude                                  
Never Give Up – Believe in Yourself 
Have a Balanced Life - Practice Kindness
Character Education Message:
We have a lot of volunteers involved in the show.  Volunteers come up and help us with two ball dribbling, spinning one and two basketballs, dribbling and passing games, and eating a pudding while a ball spins on a spoon.  Also,  volunteer spinning 5 or 6 basketballs at once!  Kids LOVE being involded in the show!
The Show:
Ilze Luneau will dribble, juggle and spin up to 6 basketballs on a balance board, and using other props to music and dance. 
Volunteers (up to 30 per show):
An average school assembly show is 45 min long.  Fee range $450 plus travel expenses (driving distance).
Several shows at the same location will get a substantial discount.  I can perform in a clean auditorium, gymnasium or multi-purpose room.  Do NOT need the basketball hoops.  I can also perform on an indoor/outdoor carpet.  I can perfrom outside, if necessary, on a concrete or paved surface.  Please have a PA system/microphone available if possible.  I will also need one folding (or regular) chair.

Format of the show - we perform tricks to a song, then talk about part of the motivational message, then perform to another song, talk some more, have volunteers come up, talk, perform to another song etc. We will accomodate your school's policies in regards to religious restrictions. We have performed at many public schools with general character education message.

We can adjust the message to your needs (emphasize a specific topic, or add topics like team-work, respect, etc.).  Message against drugs and bullying can be added per your request. We adjust the message for different age groups (elementary, middle and high-school).
Mission: To promote Character Education Message through the use of basketball entertainment and audience participation.
The Luneaus
"It All Starts With A Vision!"
Quote from a public school assembly at McNamara Elementary

The feedback from staff and students regarding your visit to us was very positive.
Your presentation was entertaining, educational, and encouraging.
You stressed the importance of having goals in life and persevering to achieve these goals
despite encountering obstacles along the way. You integrated into your presentation and reinforced the character education traits established by our district for the months of November and December of caring and citizenship. You emphasized the importance of caring for each other and surrounding yourself with people who will care and support you as you work to achieve your goals. You also reminded students how important it is to exercise and eat healthy. I liked how you had students participate in activities that required them to try something they hadn't done before and when they weren't successful the first time you had them continue to try again with your support until they were successful. Modeling in this way really demonstrated the importance of determination, persistence and practice when working towards a goal.
Thank you for sharing your athletic talents with us in conjunction with your message about the importance of setting goals and working hard.
I wish you an enjoyable holiday season with your family!
Thank you.
Mrs. Jane B. Nadolski, Principal
McNamara Elementary School
Baldwinsville, NY

Quote from a principal of Jr./Sr. High School in Proctor, Vermont:

"Ilze's presentation was the perfect mix of basketball wizardry and motivational message.   She involved volunteers from the audience and made connections between elements of her performance and the importance of setting goals, working hard, practicing, never giving up, and having fun.  Feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive.  Her show was upbeat and audience members departed with smiles on their faces." Adam Rosenberg

"Everyone LOVED the show and it was great how Ilze held the students' attention on the last day of school before vacation AND delivered a powerful messageagainst drunk/drugged driving!
Ilze Luneau dribbled and spun up to 6 basketballs at a time and even did it while balancing on an Indo Board!  She also spoke about setting goals,working hard and leading a balanced life while also staying away from drugs and alcohol.  She even shared a personal story about a friend of her husband's who was a basketball teammate who was killed in a car crash involving both alcohol and marijuana.
Students also enjoyed being volunteers during her inspirational show! 
Jill Nye-McKeown, Prevention Coordinator
Burlington High School, Burlington VT