Upcoming Shows
January 2019
January 25                    School Assembly, Bethel, CT 1:30pm
January 28                    School Assemblies, Darien, CT 9:15am and 10:15am
January 29                    School Assemblies, Bridgeport, CT 9:15am and 10:15am

February 2019
February 1                    School Assembly, Feeding Hills, MA 1:30pm
February 2            Halftime Shows, Hudson Valley Community College, Albany, NY
February 8                    School Assembly, The Westchester School, Yonkers, NY 10am
February 9                    Presentation, Special Needs Kids Camp, Essex, VT 2pm
February 22                  School Assemblies, Forest School and Mackrille School, West Haven, CT
February 25                  School Assembly, Brockton, MA 9:30am and 10:30am

March 2019
March 9               Upward Basketball Presentation, Faith Baptist Church, Knoxville, MD
March 18             Upward Basketball Presentation, Parkersburg, WV 6pm
March 22                     School Assemblies, West Haven, CT
March 28                     School Assembly, Lowell, MA 12:30pm
March 29                     School Assembly, Middleborough, MA 1:00pm

April 2019
April 12                        School Assemblies, Southbury, CT 12:15pm and 1:25pm
April 29                School Assemblies, Willington, CT

May 2019
May 9                           School Assemblies, Bighampton, NY
May 11   Kids Day, Burlington, VT 12pm
May 28                          School Assembly, Springfield, MA 12pm

June 2019
June 13                          School Assembly, Atherton Hough School, Quincy, MA 1:00pm
June 17                          School Assemblies, Castleton Elementary, Castleton, VT 11:30am and 12:30pm
June 19   Presentation, Royalton Memorial Library event at White River Valley School 10am

July 2019
July 4      Presentation, The Fenn School, Concord, MA 11am
July 8     Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, MA 1pm
July 12    Presentation, Northside Baptist, Liverpool, NY
July 16    Presentation, Wakefield, NH Recreation Department

August 2019
August 3-14    Latvia
August 16      Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, MA 1pm

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