Upcoming Shows
September 2019
September 23                School Assembly, IPPI Learning Academy, Stratford, CT 10am
School Assembly,Hamden Middle School, Hamden, CT 1pm and 2 pm
September 25                School Assembly, Garrison Elementary School, Dover, NH 1pm

October 2019
October 28    School Assembly, Rotella Magnet School, Waterbury, CT 1pm

November 2019
November 18        School Assembly, Edmeston Central School, Edmeston, NY 1pm
November 25        School Assembly, Parish Hill Middle School, Chaplin, CT, 8:30am
School Assembly, Lenox Memorial Middle and High School, Lenox, MA 1:41pm

December 2019
December 13  School Assembly, The Westchester School, Yonkers, NY 10am

January 2020
January 17      School Assembly, Lawrence Avenue Elementary, Potsdam, NY 10:15am
January 23      School Assembly, Saint Mary's School, Ticonderoga, NY 1pm
January 25                     Halftime show, Basketball Game at Curry College, Milton, MA
January 31      School Assemblies, Elizabeth G Lyons Elementary, Randolph, MA 1:15pm and 2:15pm

February 2020
February 18                   School Assembly, Montreal, CA 1pm and 2:45pm (cancelled because of snow)
February 29   Halftime Show, Iowa State Women's Basketball Game 12pm

March 2020
March 6                         School Assemblies, Milton, MA 9am and 10am
March 8 Halftime Show, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas, TX 7pm game

April 2020
April 8                           School Assemblies, Stow, MA 1pm and Lancaster, MA 3pm
April 23                         School Assemblies, Belmont Middle School, Blemont, NH

May 2020
May   29                        School Assembly, Matter Christi School, Burlington, VT 1pm

June 2020
June 9                            School Assembly, Marston Elementary School, Hampton, NH, 1:15pm

Basketball Instructional Video.
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